Our company representative is one of the first-batch students at the University of Aizu in Japan, the tertiary institution specialized in computer science, and the first doctoral degree holder at the University of Aizu. He started Aizu Laboratory, Inc. in 2007 and have launched various projects utilizing the newest IT, ICT, and IoT technologies.
Recently, we have realized advanced initiatives in various fields, such as starting Japan's first demonstration test of electric power trading using blockchain and the first automatic driving demonstration test on public roads in Fukushima Prefecture.
Our company was established on April 1, 2019 with the corporate philosophy of "creating unprecedented knowledge and technology to contribute to society and happy lives of people."

Masayuki Hisadav



We mainly carry out research and development utilizing blockchain and AI-related technologies. With subsidies from Fukushima Prefecture, we are proceeding with new initiatives regarding the development of AI/AI chips specialized in the field of electric power and the utilization of blockchain technology lately.
We have started field tests using storage batteries equipped with AI chips in collaborative research with the University of Aizu; we also have plans to start storage batteries and energy management services for general households in the future. We have also been strengthening our efforts for virtual power plants (VPPs) utilizing storage batteries.


3D Sensor Camera

We provide a system utilizing 3D cameras (stereo cameras) and AI board to capture human movement, grasp the congestion by measuring flows, and evaluate the social distance by instant, automatic estimation of the distance between people. Different from normal, conventional cameras, by grasping human movements through "skeletal structure", it is feasible to display minimized information without any face image. The display can be converted to characters as a system to ensure privacy. It is widely used in visiting spots, hot spring resorts, etc.

AI Thermo

Face image recording & surface temperature checking by AI face recognition.
Main functions includes,

  1. 1.Infrared camera temperature measurement and RGB camera portrait-taking
  2. 2.Registration of up to 20,000 face images, detection of unregistered faces, and detection of faces without a mask
  3. 3.±0.3℃ temperature measurement error and 0.3m - 0.8m measurement distance
  4. 4.Less than 500 ms face image identification time
  5. 5.High temperature detection alert
  6. 6.Unidentified facial data detection alert


Company Name
Aizu Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
134-5 Aza-Kamiiawase, Tsuruga, Ikkimachi, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima 965-0006, Japan
April 1st, 2019
JPY 20,000,000
Company Representative CEO
Masayuki HISADA
Phone No.
Research and development related to new computer technologies
General Counsel
Lawyer Naofumi KISAKA, Soleil Law Office
Advisor Tax Accountant
Tax accountant Kenji SUZUKI, Suzuki Kenji Tax Accountant Office